About Us

Our Story

My entire family has quite the passion for pizza. Whether it’s the weekly pizza nights in our backyard we host for our friends and neighbors or the endless pizza jobs that me and my pops have worked over the course of our lives, in our experience pizza has always brought people together. We wanted to lean heavily into that narrative 

Our Name

The name 2Talls was a very easy decision for me and my family. Everyone in my immediate family stands over 6ft and I myself come in at 6’11. With my height being such a defining feature it made sense to incorporate that into my restaurant with the playful nod our name gives. It also lets me incorporate fun height based gimmicks like our height wall where anyone taller than my brother gets a free beer and anyone taller than me gets to mark their height on the wall and get a free pizza.

Our neighborhood

Located in the heart of downtown Hailey our pizzeria looks to blend elements of our family home with all the comforts and class of a sit down eatery. We strive to provide a warm and welcoming vibe that reflects our values and serves people of all walks of life.

our pizza

We take an incredible amount of pride in offering the community the ultimate pizza experience. With a 3-day fermentation process on our dough that promises a crisp bite with a soft chewy center. Freshly imported san marzano tomatoes straight from Italy, locally sourced cheese, and a plethora of fresh and high quality ingredients like our house made crumble sausage.

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We strive to be your neighborhood pizzeria, fostering healthy communities by creating a sense of belonging for everyone we interact with by treating others as they wish to be treated and working to get a little bit better every day.